GuhBal KalOnline
The Ultimate Complex

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GuhBal KalOnline Features

A small overview of Features.

  • Mid-Low RATE [Long Term]
  • Old Crew Team [Active]
  • Latest Engine [Sposored by TheHyperNetwork]
  • Vote Rewards (Click Me)
  • Four Classes [No Shaman]
  • New Main City
  • Balanced PVE & PVP
  • New Maps-Spawns [Selfmade]
  • Special Pet System [3 Pets Combined]
  • Latest Riding Pets
  • Fishing System
  • Shop Reward System
  • Jewels System [RARE]
  • Vote Reward System
  • Instance System [Picure of Hell]
  • Daily Quest With REWARD
  • Daily Events
  • Fully Craft System [Selfmade]
  • Guild RAID System
  • Int-Like Duel Tournament
  • Last Man Standing
  • Suffering Valley - Triangular Battle
  • Protecting TheLeader
  • Destructing Key Points [GvG]
  • Hunting system
  • Battelfield [NEW MAP]
  • Amazing War Castle [Never Seen Before]
  • Channel System [To Avoid Ksing]
  • Storyline Quests
  • AFK Check System
  • Lawless Z0NE
  • Guild Buff System
  • Auto Login
  • Namepad Colorizer
  • F10 With Custom EXP [Multiple Characters]
  • Mautareta System
  • SD Wisdom Based & AOE After third job
  • LifeAbsorption OTP Based
  • New Craft System [Artisan Doggebi]
  • Ornament Buff [International]
  • No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win

GuhBal KalOnline Battlegrounds

GuhBal KalOnline Battlegrounds are instanced PvP maps allowing you to compete against other players in different game modes. The focus lies on fair PvP, but participating also yields many different kinds of rewards.

Using the chatcommand '/servertime' to see when the Battle will start.

Players can earn 'Jewels' and Honor Points during the battles. The amount varies with game mode and duration.

Link Read more about GuhBal KalOnline Battlegrounds Schedule

Branding Castle Siege

14th king Hanin accedes to the throne and new sky has been open. Since the nation lost its power by long drought and civil wars in the time of king Guhbalkhan, they were attacked from foreign enemies continuously. Especially, the Tow tribe and the Hwasan tribe. They broke the agreement of not to invade each other, and attacked Naraeha. . The king Hanin was angry with their attack and he mobilizes his entire troops with being fully equipped.

Branding Free For All

You only fight for yourself, no matter your race and without a team. Gather as much score as possible by killing your opponents and keeping yourself alive. Names, ranks and looks are replaced by defaults to prevent teaming.